Bed Edging
Bed edging is the process of defining the beds by cutting a clean line along the edge. No mulch job looks complete without a clean edge. Weeds are also eliminated at this time. Edging should be done yearly for the most defined look between the lawn and the bed..
Bark Mulching
Mulching is not only aesthetically pleasing, it plays an important role in conserving and retaining moisture for your plants.
Gary's Tree and Landscape is happy to make available
mulches in dark brown pine bark, reddish brown Hemlock
mix, red Hemlock or black forest. For dramatic effects,
different mulches can be used on the same property to
add colors and textures a single mulch can not create alone.
Plants are hand clipped or machine sheared depending on the plant and the customers preference. Most pruning is performed July-Sept. Winter is also a good time to prune, especially for ornamental trees.
Spring and Fall Cleanups
When the leaves fall, count on Gary's to remove them
from your lawn and property. We also remove sticks, branches, and acorns that are present on the lawn in fall and spring.
Landscape Maintenance
Protecting your landscape investment with landscape maintenance, is the surest way to keep your property looking its best year in and year out.
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Landscape Maintenance

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