Tree Takedowns
Gary's expertly does tree takedowns and removals of damaged or unwanted trees even those close to structures and wires.
Land clearing.
We clear areas for house additions or lawn expansions. Residential yards are our specialty.
Stump grinding 
This machine grinds the stump and roots to a depth of 6"-8". All that remains is a
wood/soil mixture. Stumps will not regrow after this process.
Shrub & Ornamental Pruning
Plants are hand clipped or machine
sheared depending on the plant and
the customers preference. Most
pruning is performed July-Sept.
Winter is also a good time to prune,
especially for ornamental trees.

Gary's can handle any and all of your tree pruning and removal needs. From pruning limbs hanging over your roof and house to take downs of large trees that have outgrown their space. We have all of the resources and experience necessary to take care of your trees safely.
Ornamental pruning
Small tree and foundation plant pruning.
Mature tree pruning
Mature tree takedown
Land clearing
Stump grinding
Brush Chipper
Large Tree Pruning
We prune mature trees that need thinning out to provide more light and air circulation or that have been damaged in a storm.
Brush Chipping
All brush created while pruning or taking down your trees is chipped on site and removed from the premises.
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Tree Services
Land Clearing
Stump Grinding
Brush Chipping
Expertly serving Norfolk and Bristol counties for over 25 years.
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